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Open Bed Syndrome

Are you worried that you are not using the best protection possible in your truck bed? Do you worry about your cargo getting wet in the bed? Or, that someone may steal your cargo right out of the bed when you’re not looking. Maybe you worry about your cargo getting damaged because you don’t have adequate protection in the bed.

If so, you may be suffering from “Open Bed Syndrome”.

This is a common, but easily cured condition. Left un-treated “Open Bed Syndrome” can leave cargo vulnerable and un-protected in an open pickup truck bed resulting in damage, loss and theft.

The truck Treatment Specialists at Sportsland Pickup Covers can save your truck from “Open Bed Syndrome”. Sportsland has Soft Tonneau covers, Hard Tonneau covers, Aluminum Pickup covers, Fiberglass Pickup Covers, Commercial Pickup Covers and other products that provide security and protection. And all at the lowest possible pricing! So, secure your truck bed with a cover from Sportsland and be confident that you are in control of what goes on in your bed!